Smith Hotel Awrds 2015

Prati Palai was ranked at the top for Best Newcormer in Smith Hotel Awards 2015, awards held by the boutique hotel specialists Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

BEST NEWCOMER: Every year, there are a handful of new hotels that make it straight to the top of our to-do list; the ones Mr & Mrs Smith are itching to review, and that our members clamour to book even before the paint has dried and the minibars stocked.



The International Symposium on Sustainable Development of Traditional Village

22 October 2016 - Chengdu (Cina)

We were invited by the Southwest University for Nationalities in Chengdu to the "International conference (2016) of PLANNERS & Chengdu held by PLANNERS magazine and Southwest University for Nationalities". The theme this year was "The Sustainable Development of Traditional Village".The architect Damiano Zerman has intervened with the collaboration of the architects Alessandro Merigo and Gianpietro Rinaldi about the recovery and restoration of Prati Palai, held in 2012 in Bardolino (VR), analyzing the different aspects of rural architecture recovery from the architectural and cultural point of view.


Giuseppe Tommasi – L’arte della professione

12 March 2015 - Verona

In the Sala Boggian of the Castelvecchio Museum was presented the thesis of Alexander Merigo and Gianpietro Rinaldi dedicated to the life and the works of Giuseppe Tommasi. The meeting was introduced by the Municipal Councillor Antonia Pavesi, by Dr. Paola Marini and the architect Alberto Vignolo, were attended the professors Roberto Dulio and Giovanni Iacometti.

Il volume è stato pubblicato in ottobre del 2015 e disponibile a questo link:



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